What is Snap Map? How to use Snapchat’s latest feature to stalk your friends

EN:   Hi guys! How are you? For those of you unaware, Snapchat has introduced another new feature, called Snap Map. Since 22 Jun 2017 you can see exactly where your Snapchat friends are what they are doing.

Snapchat’s latest update lets you share your location with your Snapchat friends and view their location on a map.

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How to unlock the Game of Thrones Snapchat lens

EN:    Hi guys! How are you? The winter is coming!!! Are you prepared?

In a few days we can see the first episode of Games of Thrones (I can’t wait to see it), but until then we have a little surprise prepared by Twitter, more precisely by the owners of the Twitter Game of Thrones account.

Be the first to unlock the GoT Season 7 Snapchat lens.

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How to get the Rainbow Pride Reaction on Facebook

EN:    The “Like” button was enabled for the first time on February 9, 2009, allowing users to interact easily with status updates, comments, photos and links shared by friends.

Facebook officially rolled out “Reactions” to users worldwide on February 24, 2016, letting users long-press on the like button for an option to use one of five pre-defined emotions, including Continue reading “How to get the Rainbow Pride Reaction on Facebook”

How to celebrate Puppy Day?!

EN:    Hi guys! How are you? Today I want to talk about something special. THE INTERNATIONAL PUPPY DAY, the greatest day of the calendar was yesterday, on the 23rd of March.

I think that humans are a dog’s best friend. And let’s be real, dogs are better than most people, they f**king love you no matter what, they’re loyal, they want your attention and they will adore you always. Plus they are adorable, I mean… look at this small and cute and AWWW…

French Bulldog Puppy

Foto credit: pinterst.com

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Questions that girls with tattoos are tired of hearing

EN:    Whether you have one tattoo or your whole body covered up with tattoos, eventually someone will approach you and do one of the three following things: they will either compliment you, they will ask you dumb questions or they will avoid you because “you are a bad person”. Yes!!! The stereotypes exists (you can find my article about them here).

As a girl that has some tattoos, it gets tiresome when people ask dumb questions. But the funny part is when people find it acceptable to grab my arm and twist it around like I’m Continue reading “Questions that girls with tattoos are tired of hearing”